Welcome to the Washington County Public Schools Blackboard Connect Parent and Staff Portal.

You will be able to customize and manage how you receive messages from your child’s (children’s) school(s). You can set preferences for phone calls, email and text messages.

To create your account, you must have your child’s 5-digit student ID number. If you are an employee, you will need your employee ID number.

The changes made to contact information in this portal WILL NOT update information at your child’s (children’s) school(s). This portal provides you flexibility in how you receive messages from schools and WCPS offices. Please contact your school secretary to ensure that accurate phone, email and text contact information is on file in case emergency communication is necessary. When your contact information changes, please notify your school(s) in a timely fashion.

If you experience trouble in setting up your Blackboard MyConnect account for notifications from WCPS, please click on this link to access documentation: http://www.wcpsmd.com/documents/connect-5-closed-portal-registration-parents-and-wcps-staff